Suzi Pederson

Action Leadership Team, Inner Healing Minister

OWH Inner Healing

Getting to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in order for you to walk fully in the destiny to which you have been called.

OWH Basic Training

OWH Inner Healing Basic Training is filled with worship, learning the Whole Heart process, role-playing, practicing ministering, and receiving impartation.

Outreach & Evangelism

Answering the call of Jesus to go and make disciples, caring for the poor, loving our neighbor, releasing the goodness of God, and more as the Holy Spirit leads.

Prayer & Intercession

Suzi ministers to clients in One Whole Heart Ministry at our Council Bluffs office and in online sessions, and also participates in the Healing Community at Bayliss Park Hall. In the seven years prior, she was Associate Pastor at Lifeline Assembly of God in Dunlap, Iowa, and led the One Whole Heart Ministry there. God brought breakthrough healing there as women were touched by the Holy Spirit and led into more of the destiny God has for them. The Healing Community active during the last few years there had touched people in the Harrison County area. Suzi has assisted her husband in previous years as he pastored at Walt Hill, Nebraska and at Calvary Assembly of God in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Suzi has an e-book available on Amazon entitled My Child, I Give You Eagle’s Wings. This is a collection of journal entries of God’s voice, as taught in One Whole Heart sessions on learning to hear God’s voice, which God wants for each of His children. She has ministered in Russia on prayer and ministry teams in the 1990’s, and distributed 7700 copies of Listening to the Father, a free children’s book on hearing God’s voice.