The healing of your heart has been a gift to you from God and His people and requires no payback. Those who do ministry sessions, and others who donate their time and/or money makes your sessions possible. We choose not to charge fees so everyone can receive healing.

Donating your time and/or money helps expand the Kingdom and makes other people’s sessions possible.

Come Help Us Expand the Kingdom

We are thankful God has given us the revelation for this life-changing unique healing process He wants to release throughout the world. We are asking, if all at possible, to please pay your healing forward by donation of time and/or money so that others can receive this gift.

Opportunities to Pay it Forward

Kingdom Collectibles


Greenwood Ministry Building

More Coming Soon


Life Inside OWHM

Within OWHM we are continuously pressing into the LORD to learn how to walk in the Spirit at all times, die to our flesh, and learn how to walk in the ways of the Kingdom. These Pay it Forward oppotunities open doors for us to connect, fellowship, be stretched, and grow individually and as a community.

Get Involved


If you are interested in getting involved,

please contact Rachel Baxter by clicking the button below