OWH Internships

The vision of One Whole Heart Ministry is to see each child of God intimately connected with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through Inner Healing and Godly revelation, as well as walking in the Spirit in their Kingdom destiny.


Offering a 6-12 month ministry internship residency


Presently four Tracks available


Housing provided in Greenwood, Nebraska


Prerequisite: OWH Inner Healing Sessions


Internships begin September, 2021

Some Things You Can Expect 


OWH Internship Prerequisite

Going through OWH Inner Healing is a requirement to step into the internships. We encourage you to go through sessions, and then apply for the Spring/Summer Interships.

OWH Lifestyle Mentoring

As children of God, we desire to die daily to the flesh and learn more and more how to walk in the Spirit and our Kingdom desitny. Many keys and applications in how to walk these out will be released in these mentoring times.

Times of Prayer & Worship

Intimacy with God is priority! We will be spending at least 4 hours per day in worship and prayer.

Serving the Ministry

There will be weekly activities that are central to the OWH Ministry that as an Intern, you will be required to participate in.


Specified Tracks

As an Intern, you will have a coach who will be responsible for developing and presenting applicable curriculum, learning opportunities and shadowing within your track.

Personal Mentors

As an intern you will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will meet with you at least weekly. The mentor’s role is to support you through growth in your relationship with the Lord.



As disciples of Christ we are commissioned to go. You can expect spending some time each week going out to the communities around us.

Our Tracks

Each OWH Internship track lasts 6 months. At the 3 month mark, you can choose to apply to
extend the same track for another 6 months, or you can choose to apply for a different track
for the next 6 month period. The fall/winter track is September through February. The
Spring/Summer track is March through August. At this time, our ministry is offering the following Internship Tracks.


One Whole Heart Minister Track

This track will be coached by Heidi Carlson. She has been ministering in OWH for 7 years. She is a leader, elder and advisor in OWH. She is a leader over the Greenwood ministry building. She leads the effort to train new ministers with development of training material, curriculum and training workshops.


Administration/Kingdom Business Track

This track will be coached by Rachel Baxter. She has 20+ years in business and manufacturing as an engineer with an MBA. She is a leader and elder in OWH. She leads Valor Community which is the child and family extension of OWH.


Worship Leading Track

The Lord has not told us yet who is to lead this track. Our vision is for Spirit-led worship to be raised up within one’s own heart to be released in a corporate way that draws all others to release their own worship so we can be one voice of praise to the Lord. If you are interested in this track, please let us know and surely God will bring the coach and mentors along that will be best for you.


Evangelism/Missional Track

This track will be coached by Chuck DeVetter and Nikki Bovis. Chuck is the pastor and leader of One Whole Heart Ministry and has developed the One Whole Heart process with the Lord for the last 10+ years. Nikki has a huge heart to see others come to Christ! She is dedicated and unrelenting in her personal pursuit after the Lord.


Apply For OWHM Internship

If you are interested in applying for an Internship, please click the button below to email Rachel Baxter for more information and an application.